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general-purpose[英]['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:pəs][美]['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:rpəs] adj.多方面的,多种用途的;

general-purpose 英['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:pəs] 美['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:rpəs] adj. 多方面的,多种用途的; 全部释义>> [例句]A combination of computer hardware and software that serves as a general-purpose com...

general-purpose 英 ['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:pəs] 美 ['dʒenrəl 'pɜ:rpəs] adj.多方面的,多种用途的 例句: Was it possible to design a simple, general-purpose control unit? 当时能设计出一种简单、通用的...

general-purpose 通用 N-COUNT; N-TITLE; N-VOC将军;(通常指陆军)上将A general is a high-ranking officer in the armed forces, usually in the army. The General's visit to Sarajevo is part of preparations for the deployment of ext...

general purpose 英[ˈdʒenərəl ˈpə:pəs]美[ˈdʒɛnərəl ˈpɚpəs] 释义 通用,通用的 网络 多用途的; 通用一般用途; 一般用途 双语例句 The administrator would selec...

generalpurpose adj. 通用的,万能的; [例句]Integrated CAPP Tool Based on GeneralPurpose Softwares 基于通用软件的CAPP集成工具

Objective of general-purpose financial reporting 中文意思:通用财务(金融)报告的目的(目标)....(是...) 祝好运!


general-purpose algorithm 通用算法 general-purpose algorithm 通用算法

GP--General Purpose Container HQ/HC--High Cube Container RF--Reefer Container RH--Reefer high cube Container HG--HIGH General Purpose Container ...

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